They start fairly normal, then veer off the road…

Menacing or humorous. Disturbing or just weird.

This collection of 11+1 satisfying stories might have you reconsidering those ordinary-looking neighbors and co-workers you see each day.

If your brain is wired to enjoy diving into rabbit holes where the ordinary becomes peculiar…or criminal, you’ll devour this book.

Available in ebook or print at Amazon, and coming to other retailers shortly.

I’m both pleased and honored to again be chosen for inclusion in the latest (Jan. ’24) Smoking Pen Press “Read on the Run” anthology. I join 17 other authors with short stories that revolve around the theme of odd weather.

Read my “Aggressive Mist” …and perhaps reconsider your travel plans to Ireland.

Available in ebook or print at Amazon.

“Great story. Gave me chills!”

With my first inclusion in a “Read on the Run” anthology (Aug. ’22), you’ll find my story, “Dis-connect,” connected to the author C. F. Linnds. Well, that’s me, using a completely indecipherable pen name for a time.

A woman goes for her morning run, and…what exactly happened?

Available in ebook or print at Amazon.