My raison d’etre, you might say.

Now in print

I’m both pleased and honored to again be chosen for inclusion in the latest (Jan. ’24) Smoking Pen Press “Read on the Run” anthology. I join 17 other authors with short stories that revolve around the theme of odd weather.

Read my “Aggressive Mist” …and perhaps reconsider your travel plans.

Available in ebook or print at Amazon.

My first inclusion in a “Read on the Run” anthology (Aug. ’22), you’ll find my story, “Dis-connect,” connected to the author C. F. Linnds. Well, that’s me, using a completely indecipherable pen name for a time. (Don’t worry: I’m reissuing all my pen name work under my own name…keep reading below.)

Available in ebook or print at Amazon.

Wending their way through the re-pub process…

Under a delusion of some sort, I’d previously published several books (including one novel and three short story collections) under an obscure pen name.

Books have enough burdens to labor under without being slapped with a weird author name. So I’m currently in the process of working through these. You’ll see them pop into place at the top of this page periodically. (And no doubt I’ll blab about them in the blog and newsletter, and perhaps chitter on social media.)